Friday, November 29, 2013

Spinning Wheels, Scotland and the Blanket

The Spinning Wheel Sleuth: This is a really interesting site. I'm not a spinner, but admire people who are. There is something very peaceful and somewhat mesmerizing about someone sitting at a wheel.

The National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh, has been given the Trip Advisor's, Travellers' Choice award as the first-place museum in the U.K., and "the most popular U.K. visitor attraction outside of London".

I've visited the museum a number of times and can attest to the quality of its collections and displays. There is no admission charge and the building is in central Edinburgh, within easy walking distance of so many sites. I usually walk up Victoria Street after a visit to Bill Baber's knitwear shop, and the other interesting places to see in the Grassmarket area.

For those who aren't tired about hearing of the blanket I'm knitting: I've finished knitting the edgings and just have the ends to work in and the lining to sew on. (It's apparent that I've been knitting when I should have been doing a number of other things.) Initially, I started the project at the request of one of my grandsons, plus it seemed like a good way to put leftover yarns to a useful end. Along the way, I decided that the blanket would lack enough variety in the squares, so I bought more yarn--which wasn't the idea! I still have a lot of leftover yarn.

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