Thursday, November 28, 2013

Websites, a magazine and my blanket update

I get so many emails per day that sometimes, particular ones which I like to read, get buried in my inbox. One example is from Brooklyn Tweed, which arrived earlier this month. This is one I read in detail. I particularly like the beautiful photographs, the designs and the biographical sketches of the designers. I see the patterns are available on Ravelry, in addition to their

Also news of the 10th anniversary of the magazine Wild Fibers. Linda Cortright always has stunning photographs which accompany the articles about her travels to remote areas with textile connections.

Andy Ross of Yell, Shetland sent his regular newsletter--where does he gather so much information? Those who came on the 2013 Scottish Skeins tour this year will remember our visit to his gallery and weaving studio. I was surprised and impressed by the facilities--also bought a couple of handwoven scarves which were woven by one of the weavers in residence.

My blanket update: I've completed the knitted borders on three sides. I was very pleasantly surprised that this part has gone much faster than I'd anticipated.

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