Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shetland News

The tourism site of Visit Shetland has a monthly newsletter which I always find interesting. Among items, in the latest issue, there is news of a "puffin cam" to follow the nesting of the puffins which spend a brief time in the little niches on the face of Sumburgh Head. As I understand it, this is the only time that these colourful birds come ashore--that is to lay their eggs and to raise their young.

There is also information about the Shetland Angling Association, especially for those who are interested in doing some local fishing.

A previous posting of Visit Shetland had an article about the brochs. (Thanks Jean for sending this.)

Of course, for me, knitters are never forgotten and there is an article by Carol Christiansen, the textile curator at the Shetland Museum about Shetland lace.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's finished!

I've finished the Piecework Blanket! (Feel that it's been such a project that it deserves to be capitalized.) I've taken a photo, but (again) have had trouble putting it on my blog, so will do that in future.

There are a total of 70 mitred squares, plus a knitted moss stitch border. This is the second blanket of this design which I've completed, and initially was drawn to it as I was hoping to cut down on 'stash', plus have a project which I could work on intermittently. (The only new yarn I incorporated was from a previous purchase, which I realized I wouldn't use for anything else.) It's amazing, as in spite of all the yarn which was used, I still have a basket of more to be knit. While I was knitting, it brought back memories of projects for which the yarns were initially purchased.

I subscribe to way too many magazines, but one which I welcome and immediately read from cover to cover is the British Country Living. In the May issue there is an article and beautiful photos about Snowdonia--hard to believe that we'll be there in a couple of weeks. on our Wales tour. www.joycejamestours.com

Also, I always enjoy the internet newsletter, Knitter's Review. The author, Clara Parkes never disappoints me with her analyses of new yarns, fibre farms and knitting events. In fact, if I lived closer, I would have gone to the event in Minnesota this weekend.