Sunday, May 20, 2012

A wonderful weekend and more news from Shetland

Earlier this month I attended a weekend knitting retreat. It was organized by three talented artists from Wakefield, Quebec and was the third time it had been held. The registration fee included two nights accommodation, wonderful meals, three different knitting-related workshops, and lots of time to just knit, visit, and enjoy the rural setting. It was very relaxing and I asked the organizers to put me on next year's registration list.

While there, I didn't complete the projects as I'd hoped and expected. I frequently (in fact usually) am extremely unrealistic at how much I think I will accomplish. However, it was a treat to just sit and knit with compatible knitters, without any interruptions. In addition to taking along a man's vest I'd started several years ago, I also brought Lucy Neatby's rainbow sheep sweater design, which I am essentially reknitting. (That was started in another century!)

As of yesterday, I finally have internet connection at home. The downside was that I had 899 emails in my inbox, but the upside was definitely, that amongst those messages, I had an email from Shetland announcing a publication called 60 Shetland. I haven't read through it thoroughly, but on a quick perusal, it is full of interesting articles and not just knitting. Go to: to get the magazine and you can also sign up to receive future issues.