Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wool Week in Shetland & Knitting Morse Code

Earlier this week I spoke with Sarah at Jamieson & Smith, who is organizing Shetland Wool Week for 2012. She told me they are working on the activities and expect to offer more visits and venues than took place in 2011. Sarah said the final schedule would be available in April.
Several people who've come on the 'Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tours' have indicated they are very interested in attending. I am planning to go and have spoken with a representative of the Kveldsro and Lerwick hotels in Lerwick. She will put aside a small block of rooms at each hotel for those who wish to attend. I'll be posting more details in the next few months. This won't be an organized tour, just a suggestion for those looking for accommodation. It is expected to be a busy time on Shetland as a fiddle festival is taking place at the same time.
Received this website from Creative Industries Shetland. There is information about a small textile tour they are organizing for July, plus information about the African Asante cloth.
Some people never cease to amaze me: I was listening to CBC radio last Saturday and heard an interview of an American academic, Kristen Haring, who knits in Morse code! The interview was called "Beauty of Binary." Kristen also has a video entitled: "How to Knit a Popular History of Media" which is available on the CBC site:
I regretted having to cancel my visit to Madrona in Tacoma this year but am looking forward to hearing all about it from friends who are currently attending.