Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Twist Collective, Wales (lots), Knitted blanket

The latest Twist Collective newsletter arrived in my inbox yesterday. http://www.twistcollective.com/2013/winter/magazinepage_03.php. I'd forgotten what an interesting presentation it is--so much to read from a range of articles (knitting history), to technical help (darning techniques) to a large range of patterns. (I've darned socks for years, but learned some helpful tips.)

I also received the Visit Wales, Red Dragon newsletter. www.visitwales.com

I loved reading about the little steam trains which have been restored and travel 'off the beaten path' in this special place. It reminded me of the train trip we took during our May 2013 Welsh tour from Caernarfon to mid-Wales, through Snowdonia National Park. It was a beautiful sunny day and a treat to travel through the woods with daffodils blooming, waterfalls, little villages.......

Continuing with a Welsh theme: I enjoy listening to a CD of a Welsh male choir which I keep in my car. I bought it earlier this year when we went to one of their practices. (I'll have to check where they are from.) I also got distracted looking at YouTube presentations:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAEEVyY8pME&list=PLk25NessxupYFiqeePyJzx8MqmeD1khHJ. This one is of an actual train trip. As the commentator said, it's a matter of "enjoying the journey". Read about all that is going on in Wales: a cookery school, adventure travel, castles--no end of things to do!

The site also mentioned the best places to have a cup of tea in Wales. There was a photo of Welsh cakes--which are a real treat. Plus, a reference to Dr. Who. I'm not a science fiction fan (although I'm probably in the minority) but apparently there are a number of connections/references to Dr. Who and TARDIS in Wales.

A mitred-square blanket update: I've finished knitting the squares, all 96 of them and now to work in the ends, knit a border and line it with flannelette. I know the method I'm going to use for the border. (Thanks Judy)

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