Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More good news....

I've just finished watching a BBC internet presentation about the resurgence of the Harris tweed industry. It was good to see weaver, Donald John Mackay, at his loom in his weaving shed overlooking Luskentyre Beach. We'll be visiting Donald John next month as part of the 2013 Scottish Skeins tour. Travellers from past tours have thoroughly this stop. In fact, it's been difficult to get them to leave his shed and little shop.

In addition to this short film, don't miss the other programs about the British wool industry and the 'fashionable' rise of Harris Tweed. (See the connections at the end of the above program.) It was good to know that there is more demand for the tweed and that designers are featuring it in current fashions.

I also received the latest issue of the Red Dragon, the newsletter of Visit Wales. The photos are stunning and there is an entertaining video of Russell Crowe and Mark Strong talking about their experiences in Wales during the filming of Robin Hood.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some good news......

With the current news concerning the flooding in Alberta, both the short and long term implications, I thought it was time to post some happy events.

I learned of a heart-warming story around a gift of fabrics from the 'More Than Just a Yardage Sale' held annually by the Textile Museum of Canada. (Thanks, Kathy) One of the trustees sent a suitcase full of fabric from the sale, to a family who were going to Uganda. The way the Ugandans received and used the fabric makes one (well, me anyways) realize that we/I don't appreciate the life we have in Canada.

Woolfest 2013 is scheduled for this coming weekend, the 28 & 29 June.  There isn't time for North Americans to attend this year, however for those who are fortunate to live in the U.K., you may possibly be able to attend. Although, saying that, unless you are planning to make day visits, accommodation at this late date could be in very short supply. I'm amazed at the number of vendors who will be there--sort of a Cumbrian Wonderwool Wales!

This is an event which I would love to take in. It is planned by a group of Cumbrian craftspeople and farmers, who wanted to re-energize the economy of the area after a devastating cull of their flocks due to an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease. I first learned of the group when one of the members (thanks Christine) contacted me and thought I might be interested to include a stop to their shop on one of the tours. That I did--our group really enjoyed their visit to this lovely area of Cumbria. The group's permanent home is open year round and is located at Priest's Mill in the village of Caldbeck. Well worth of visit!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All Shetland

This week I received the latest issue of 60 North, Summer Issue. It's not as long this time, but is still good to read and filled with articles which would be of interest to just about everyone.

Friday, the 21 June is Flag Day on Shetland. I did a search on Google and learned the significance of this special day. The flag is relatively new but of great historical significance.

Jamieson & Smith have a kit to knit a Flag pillow on their site.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where does the time go.......!?

My apologies that what was supposed to be a brief absence from posting on my blog. It's a matter of poor time management, but also a busy schedule. (I even haven't been knitting.) I have so much that I want to post, both a review of our tour to Wales and the details for the Scottish tour which departs early next month. In addition, I've started planning the tours for 2014. As anyone who knows me will realize, I'm glad I didn't retire!

I enjoyed reading Wendy's blog about Welsh socks and she has inspired me to feature some of our Welsh experiences in future blogs.