Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm still here

Gosh, has it really been that long since I last posted?! My intention was to post during our Viking Tour but unfortunately, internet connection was virtually non existent on the ship and (again) I got out of the habit of updating my blog.

I enjoyed our travels in May very much. As with many endeavours, it wasn't without its ups and downs: for instance when a number of us got caught in the results of the Icelandair pilots' strike on our way to Norway. This meant unexpected travel to a number of European airports before we could reach our first destination, Bergen. I liked our ship, the MS Fram--accommodation was comfortable and the ports of call interesting. I also liked the fact that there was a relatively small passenger component--don't think I would want to go on anything larger. Our group found a comfortable place to sit and knit while we were at sea. In fact, unbeknownst to us, we garnered a fair amount of attention. 

At the end of the cruise, we were asked by a member of the crew to display our knitting in the lounge and were astounded (at least I was) by the amount of interest shown by the crew, even the captain, and the other passengers. I think that's a characteristic of knitters--we think that because we can do it, that everyone else can too.  I was hoping that there would be a mention and photos of this event on the ship's blog. Unfortunately, there were no postings for the last two days of this particular sailing. 

I leave for Scotland very shortly, on the 16th and last Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour. I never could have imagined when I planned and escorted the first tour in 1996, that it would be so enduring. I'll miss the annual visits to the wonderful people I've met on the Scottish islands, but I don't plan to stop travelling--it's just that I will no longer be offering formal tours.

I have decided not to offer a second Irish Treasures tour. The first tour is now full and I am looking forward to travelling with many old friends on that special itinerary. 

Even though I haven't been posting to my blog, I still read the many emails which I receive each day. It was interesting to read what Shetland was like earlier this week during the Summer Solstice--known there as the Simmer Dim. Andy Ross of Yell posted a photo taken at midnight. I have been on Shetland at this particular date and can attest, that is exactly the way it is. http://www.globalyell.org/blog/simmerdim