Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Knitter Magazine

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Yesterday I bought this copy of The Knitter,

It's not the most recent issue, but as I've indicated before, in Canada we are behind in obtaining the latest issue--not a hard thing to live with.

Again, I found the contents to be interesting and focused on many of my interests. There was an article about Kaffe Fassett and his love of colour. (Timely, since I'd just heard him speak three days ago.) The designer of the sweater featured on the cover and with the directions inside, indicated that she was inspired by a traditional Norwegian pattern. There was also an article about hiking and knitting in Iceland, also well timed as I'm doing a lot of research on that country in general, and knitting in particular.

English designer, Jane Crowfoot, has a design for a crocheted bag. I don't know how to crochet, but met Jane a number of years ago. We had a tour to Yorkshire and took a workshop at Rowan from her about beading a knitted bag.  A thrill to actually be at Rowan in Holmfirth. We had a great day there and our group bought a lot of beautiful yarns which were available at one British pound each.

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