Friday, October 4, 2013

The Viking Route Cruise, the Textile Museum of Canada and Reclining airline seats

I've completed the details for the Viking Route Cruise in May, 2014 and my talented website guy will be updating my site soon. Watch this space!

I have been doing a lot of knitting on the mitred square blanket--just 70 more squares to go! It's a big project as once the knitting is completed, I will still have to work in the ends, line it with flanelette, and knit a border. I know that Brandon and Kaffe would disagree with my approach, re working in the ends of the different colours as they would just knot the ends, however I just couldn't leave them like that. Some things I obsess about.

I knit a blanket like this a number of years ago for one of my grandsons and now that the recipient has grown a lot, he asked if I could make it longer. (Which I really couldn't.) I told him to give it to his little brother and I would know a longer, wider version. This size should last him a long time. It will eventually be a total of 99 squares.

Today I received a newsletter from the Textile Museum of Canada. There is a lot going on and I urge anyone who will be in the Toronto area to visit.
The displays are very interesting and there will be a sale of fabrics this month.

I read about a survey of how airline passengers feel about reclining seats on aircraft. I don't know the details of the survey (size of the sample, where it was conducted, etc.) but apparently 90% of people don't want them to be allowed. The survey said that frequently flight attendants have to resolve 'disagreements' between passengers.

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