Monday, October 28, 2013

Mostly Shetland

More news from Andy at Global Yell: this time about the spectacular improvement in the Scottish textile industry.

Abby, the author of the Visit Shetland newsletter has sent out the November version. One of the most interesting newsletters I receive: I always make sure I read it in detail.

The whole publication is really comprehensive. Just a few examples: I listened to the broadcast of a programme from BBC 4 radio about Shetland Sunday teas--there are even two recipes given. Also a review of Shetland Wool Week: Those who've come to Shetland with me in past years will recognize familiar names like Hazel Tindall and there is a photo of Mary Kay holding up one of her beautiful lace creations, during a workshop.

Mitred blanket update: I've completed 68 squares. (You can tell I've been knitting when I should have been doing other things.) It still puzzles me, that with all the squares which have been knitted, that I still have a lot of yarn in my basket!

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