Monday, September 30, 2013

Brandon Mably, Kaffe Fassett and Shetland

Yesterday I took a full-day workshop from Brandon Mably. It was about colour selections and a large group were there to knit the poppy design in colour combinations of one's choice. Late in the afternoon, Brandon pinned up each person's knitting on a board. The variety of knitted poppies was really interesting, and he stressed it was better to stand back a distance to best assess one's work. Brandon was a very good teacher--he went around to each person and critiqued their colour combinations. Also gave help to those who needed advice on the Fair Isle knitting technique. I enjoyed seeing some of the sweaters and other knitted garments knit by Brandon, Kaffe and one from the Peruvian Connection.

In the evening there was a slide presentation, introduced by Brandon and commented on by Kaffe. The slides showed patchwork, knitting, needlework and art, and even a photograph of a rose which is named after Kaffe. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Kaffe talk about the display of his quilts at Jen Jones's Quilt Gallery. (We saw this exhibition during our tour to Wales this past May.) There are photographs of these quilts on Brandon's newsletter.

Both men have extensive websites and I've signed up to receive their newsletter. They have such an extensive travel schedule that it's really amazing they can continue to be so creative.

Unfortunately, although there were many opportunities to take photographs, my camera refused to work. (As I keep saying, "Timing is everything!")

I also received the most recent newsletter, Postcards from Shetland. Abby has included a lot of information about the Shetland Islands. She obviously loves living there very much.

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