Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm still here........

Didn't mean to take so long between posts, but I've been out of town for over a week and didn't have access to my computer. There were a number of interesting articles in my inbox which I think are worth passing on: 

-  Andy Ross of Global Yell and his news about Wool Week, highlighting fibre artist, Deborah Gray - http://www.globalyell.org/blog/woolly.

-  The newsletter of the American Textile Museum in D.C. www.textilemuseum.org. Also read about the Advocacy Project and the importance of quilting in helping a number of communities which have experienced privation and lived through terrible events. http://advocacynet.org/page/advocacyquilting

-  Treenway Silks October newsletter. I understand the company moved several years ago from Salt Spring Island in B.C. when it was sold to an American couple. I still enjoy seeing the vibrant colours and news they send. http://www.treenwaysilks.com/. They are asking if readers will support them with votes in their efforts to secure a very helpful grant.

- This year's competition called 'Sheep to Sweater' takes place throughout a number of countries. I'm not exactly sure of the date for the 2013 event, but will try to find out. (I have heard it used to be called 'Back to Back' and the ladies from Shetland won every year. As a consequence, I understand they can no longer compete.)

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