Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilts in Wales, Quilts in Houston and yarn/fibre sources in Canada

Today I received the Autumn Newsletter from the Welsh Quilt Centre. I was glad to hear they have extended the exhibition of Kaffe Fassett's quilts at the Centre in Lampeter, Wales. (Those who came on the May Welsh tour will recall our visit there.)

This is a very extensive site and is replete with a wide variety of news, including a video by Jen Jones, who originally recognized the importance of the Welsh handmade quilt tradition and has been passionate about saving antique quilts. She has branched into Welsh shawls and blankets. Be sure to watch the video and see as much as possible of her collection. (After watching the video and reading the site, I spent more time looking at other connected sites under the Antiques TV banner.)

The 2014 schedule at the Quilt Centre: "Main exhibition - Early to Bed, Early Welsh Quilts and Janet Bolton
Secondary exhibition - Sandie Lush with her exhibition of Sweater Quilts
Art exhibitions from Sarah James (March to mid-May). ValĂ©riane Leblond, (mid-May to the end of June) and Ruth Jen (July and August ).

On a personal note: the whole site brought back happy memories for me. I spent a memorable time last year with my Canadian and Welsh family, just down the lane from Jen's original shop at Llanbydder.

In contrast, from quilts in a small Welsh town is the quilt festival in Houston, Texas: The event opens tomorrow, 30 October and continues to the 03 November. Hard to imagine 1000 shopping booths, 415 hand-on classes and events, and 1300 quilts on display. It would be fun to attend.

I learned of two sources of fibres, one for silk and the other for angora and qiviut (from the muskox.) Thanks Velma.

-  Sericin Silkworks & Other Fine Fabrics in Waterloo, Ontario

-  Cottage Craft Angora,, in Woodstock, Ontario




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