Tuesday, September 3, 2013

News from Yell and beyond

Andy Ross, of Yell, is a prolific poster and I marvel at the frequency and wide content of his blogs.  www.globalyell.org. I had the opportunity to meet Andy this past July during our day trip to Unst and Yell while we were on Shetland. He is a musician, originally from Zimbabwe, and has established an art gallery and weaving centre on Yell. Although I'd been reading about the site for several years, I wasn't prepared for the two modern and attractive buildings, which were essentially 'in the middle of nowhere'. The centre is also the place where the community gets together to hear concerts, view film nights and generally as a place to gather.

As I've indicated before, I'm not a weaver but like many people, am interested in all things textile. The weaving centre is bright, with a number of looms and supports weaving students. I bought two beautiful scarves there.

I read a number of newsletters. I sometimes feel that my time would be better used elsewhere, however found the following interesting and pertinent, especially the part about people who rustle around in their baggage stored in the upper bin. The fact that they are completely oblivious to those waiting to reach their seats is both irritating and hard to believe. The actual article is much more detailed, but the following gives you an idea:

<<Now Boarding: Airlines Continue To Experiment
Loading an airplane quickly and efficiently isn’t easy, though it should be and could be. Mathematicians and scientists have yet to come up with a definitive answer, which is why there are almost as many boarding procedures as airlines. But we may finally be nearing the day when we’re not all waiting for 17D to jam his overstuffed suitcase into the overhead bin.

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Wendy said...

Hi Joyce,

I suspect that it's an industrial engineer who would make airports more efficient. It's my son's major, that's the only reason I know! take care,