Sunday, September 22, 2013

I've been knitting

Patchwork BlanketThis is a photo from the pattern for a mitred blanket, called A Patchwork Blanket. I'm knitting away on another--the third I've done. It's lots of fun and somewhat addictive, as I think I'll just do one more square (or more) before I get at what I really should be doing. It's also a good use of leftover yarn.

I bought the pattern at Wonderwool Wales and when I went to the website of the English company which sold the design, Lakeside Crafts of  Herefordshire, I was disappointed to learn that they ceased business in late August of this year. Too bad, as they carried a wide variety of products and their booth at Wonderwool was certainly busy.

Something else I've finished knitting is a tea cosy by Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop in Yorkshire. I bought the kit for this project at Wonderwool also. We visited the company on a previous tour several years ago and I'd forgotten how lovely and soft this particular yarn is. I just have to 'fit' the cosy on the particular teapot it's meant for and it will be completed.

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