Friday, September 6, 2013

It's really hard to keep up--a new word and a new knitting stitch

The new word is 'aleatoric', in a blog by Tom of Holland--thanks Barb for mentioning it. In this case, it was aleatoric rhythms used in Fair Isle patterns.

There was also the reminder of Wool Week in Shetland next month. I went last year and enjoyed every minute--hard to believe another year has just about passed. Have a look at the activities for this year's event. It just gets better and better.

Also, came across a new knitting stitch--well, new to me. It was in a pattern for a tea cosy in a kit which I bought at Wonderwool Wales this past May. The instructions were to "k2 tog-b, and then k the same two stitches tog. again through front loops". I struggled and struggled and finally went to see my friend Anna, who figured it out. The instructions were part of a four-row repeat to give the appearance of fleece on a lamb.

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