Thursday, April 3, 2014

A wide range of topics and events..........

I've had no problem in finding topics to post--I don't know if there is just that much going on, or as I suspect, it's a case of the internet. It's hard to keep up!

Some sites I'm following:

- The Shetland Amenity Trust has emailed their April newsletter, titled Unkans. It's four pages long, so make sure you read it to the end. I was struck again by the association and shared history of Shetland and Norway. There is a section about the Shetland Bus exhibition at the museum in Scalloway and a recent aquistion they have. We'll be able to see this on our July visit during the 16th Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour: If you would like to join us for this trip, there are a few places available. This is the most recent newsletter from the Textile Museum. On the weekend, I attended one of their 'Conscious Consumption' events. This one was held at St. John's Bakery in Toronto, and it wasn't just an explanation of bread and the importance of ingredients, pride and the time involved. St. John's is a Russian Orthodox church which serves the community and offers many worthwhile activities to those of all ages.

-  Jen Jones of Wales, who I've mentioned in past blogs, has announced her current exhibition which is held in southwest Wales, in the village of Lampeter. The main gallery is showing an presentation called "Early to Bed: Early Welsh Quilts", however there are two supplementary exhibitions. (In Welsh, the title is: I’r Gwely’n gynnar gyda’r Cwiltiau Cymreig Cynnar. ) How do they understand each other?
Have a look at: Jen is committed to the history of quilts from this corner of Britain, plus their preservation.

-  The Twist Collective newsletter arrived today, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet--I always find much of interest and wanted to wait until I had the time to read it in detail. Their Spring Fair was held this past weekend. Although I didn't post the notice in time for those who would be able to attend, their site is still interesting as it details some of the craftspeople who were exhibiting, plus information about the magazine.

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