Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Knitter's Frolic in Toronto; Shetland; Kaffe Fasset

For anyone who will be within driving distance of Toronto in late April, make it a point to attend the Knitter's Frolic. It's sponsored by the DKC (Downton Knitting Collective) of Toronto. The dates are: 26 and 27 April and it's held at the Japanese Cultural Centre. For more information: http://downtownknitcollective.ca/wp/

I realize that the majority of topics in my blog centre around Shetland. It's because the area is one of my favourite places and there is much going on--actually it seems like a significant amount more than when I first planned the tours in 1996.

I'm not recommending that anyone purchase from a specific knitter, but just think it's interesting to know what one can order. Along that line is the word 'bespoke'--one that I learned within the past year and not commonly used in North America.

-  Carol Christiansen, curator of the textile collection at the Shetland Museum has written a brief history of Shetland lace knitting: http://visit.shetland.org/shetland-lace. (This is included in the Shetland newsletter, which is worth reading in its entirety.)

-  I had an email from Sheila who knits Shetland lace to order: http://www.sumburghcollection.co.uk/About

-  Another source for handknitted shawls, scarves and miscellaneous items is: http://www.shetlandlaceshawls.co.uk/

-  Spirit of Shetland by Barbara Mitchell.  http://www.shetland-handknits.co.uk/

I also received Kaffe's and Brandon's March newsletter (feel as though I can call them by their first names). www.http://kaffefasset.com. Still don't know how they can accomplish so much! They must rarely sleep, or else have a large staff.

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