Friday, April 18, 2014

Nancy Bush, Shilasdair, 60 North

On Monday evening of this week, I went to the April meeting of the Ottawa Knitting Guild. (Our newsletter is called The Tangled Skein and is edited by a very talented young woman, who not only has a young, active family, but also knits prodigiously and has had some of her designs published. (Note to myself: what do I do with my time!?)

The guest speaker this evening was Nancy Bush, so there was a large-sized crowd there. Although, saying that, most meetings are well attended. As many knitters know, Nancy's primary interest is Estonian knitting and she had a number of slides plus examples of Estonian knitting. Nancy had been in Ottawa for the past three days, giving a well-attended series of workshops.

Earlier today I received a link to a website: .(Thanks Kathi) Looking at the website reminded me of when we used to visit Eva Lambert at Shilasdair on the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately I had to drop the Isle of Skye from our itinerary a number of years ago--it just became too difficult to work around the travel logistics. However, our visit to Eva Lambert was always a highlight and although the shop appears to have a new owner, Eva is still involved.

We will be able to visit the shop next month when the MS Fram docks at Portree during our Viking Cruise. I phoned the shop to find out how long we should allow to travel from the dock to Shilasdair. (I was told just 30 mins.) It was also advised that we/I should book a taxi or two (or more) ahead of time. Will do!

I've also received the Spring edition of 60 North about Shetland. There is a lot of interest inside the magazine but I think for knitters the article which they will especially enjoy is the write up about the activities of Shetland Wool Week 2013. Download a PDF version - 15mb

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Judy said...

Shilasdair was a wonderful stop in 2000! I hope to also hit Skye Batiks again. Counting the days.