Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Knitter, Joe Hogan, Ireland

I just walked up to my local magazine store and was fortunate to get this copy--they just had two left. I'll have to look at the copies I already have to see if I've missed an issue before this one. The package also included a supplement entitled 'Faroe Family Style', with three designs. Good karma since I/we will be in the Faroes next month. I see that they've called for a Faroese yarn called Navia. It is available from the Island Wool Company, I haven't read through the magazine yet, but feel certain there will be lots of interest.

If you have been thinking about coming along on the Viking tour, I can probably get a cabin for you. It will be a great trip, with many interesting ports and a great itinerary--not usually offered, only once this year and not at all next year.

Later: I read through the The Knitter from cover to cover and yes, I had missed the previous copy. Although I prefer to support my local magazine store, I've decided to take out a subscription. I found that invariably I would miss an issue and they quickly sell out of printed back issues. Again, I really enjoyed the articles and a couple of the designs--especially a step-by-step tutorial on using Ravelry. What an astounding concept--I see there are close to four million registered users.

I've had an email from Joe Hogan, talented Irish basketmaker, confirming that he will meet with our group at his home when we visit the area north of Galway in early October. For anyone who has travelled to Ireland with me before, you will recall the previous visit when we all sat outside in a circle while Joe wove a traditional basket. (I can't recall the name, but it was used to drain the potatoes after they'd been cooked--the water then went to feed the pigs.) We have an appointment to meet with Joe on the 05 October and at that time, his wife will serve us tea, coffee and homemade scones.

Again, I apologize that the final news for the Irish tour is so late in coming, but the tour is definitely 'on'. I will let everyone know who I have on my mailing list as soon as I have the final price. The hotels are all confirmed--it's just a matter of a couple of details which I'm waiting for.

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