Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wonderwool Wales, The Knitter and Winter

Wonderwool Wales takes place later this month. I've been there before, but especially enjoyed it when I was there with the group last year. For anyone who lives close enough, this event is well worth attending. Have a look at the list of exhibitors--I think there are even more than last year:

I checked out the site for my favourite knitting magazine, The Knitter, and got the umbrella site called The Making Spot. I'd forgotten how much is going on and I see they are announcing a contest for a designer. I always admire the creativity of so many knitters who I've met and who I read about. I love to knit but couldn't do it without a pattern in front of me.

I've made an appointment to get my snow tires removed next week. Hope I'm not being premature, but after this long, intense winter, surely it's just about over.

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