Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wild Fibers Magazine, News from Yell, Travel articles

Linda Cortright, intrepid traveller and publisher/editor of Wild Fibers Magazine sent an email about her latest project to Ladakh, India, a journey which was supposed to take 21 hours, but ended up stretching to six days. I hope her latest email is available on her website:

Also Andy Ross of The Centre for Creative Industries on Yell, sent his latest posting. He sent a follow up message that there was a 'bug' in the subject of bugs and textiles, which didn't transmit correctly.

For those who are interested in a travel newsletter: Scroll down to the article, "Hurry It Up--The Harder They Try.........". Read the whole article about how the time taken by passengers exiting planes has decreased by 50% since 1970. I have my theories!

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