Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm back!

I spent a week in London, England and just returned on the weekend. I hadn't been there  for a number of years, just to wander around and take in the sights. It's surprising to me how much one can do in seven days: visited many well known attractions, saw three plays/shows, had some tasty, but not expensive meals, and generally had a very good time. I was travelling with one of my granddaughters and do regret that I wasn't in better physical shape--I really slowed her down a lot!

Before going to England, I purchased London Passes and 7-day tickets for unlimited travel on the underground and buses.They were both of very good value and I would advise those purchases to anyone travelling to London. The streets were very clean and although I saw a number of street cleaners and several postmen, I only saw two Bobbies walking on the street our last night. (That is other than the ones who were standing on the Queen's side of the gates in front of Buckingham Palace.) I did see and hear a number of police cars racing along the streets, sirens announcing, although no more than I hear in downtown Ottawa, where I live.

Before I left Ottawa on the 27 Dec., I was really busy and ran out of time to post information about a January contest connected with Shetland. Have a look at: www.shetland.org. The prize is a comprehensive book about Shetland textiles--I'd love to own that one. Also, the newsletter, "60 North" is also available, and as always has extensive information over a wide variety of subjects.

Not to be forgotten is the Global Yell post from Andy Ross: http://www.globalyell.org. Lots of information in his post too.There are two articles about mathematics, especially one about Fibonacci.

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