Monday, December 16, 2013

the Outer Hebrides, the Faroes & the Blanket (finally)

Bill Lawson has published another book about Hebridean migration, this time to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I had always just assumed that people from the Hebrides, who settled in Canada, went to the maritime provinces, especially Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. Bill is a highly respected genealogist and fount of knowledge about family and social history throughout the Hebrides. 

Our visits to his research centre, Seallam! on Harris are always a highlight on our Scottish Skeins and Skerries tours. We'll be visiting Bill and his wife, Chris, again in 2014. Take some time to read through his site, with the links:

Also received information about a BBC presentation:  (Thanks Ann) The article is both a visit to one of the smaller islands in the chain, but I found the historical description of the Faroes more interesting. It shows how there is never one story, but a number of interpretations. 

We'll be visiting the Faroes briefly during the 'Follow the Viking Route Cruise and Tour' in May 2014 as part of our cruise on the MS Fram.

I finished the mitred-square blanket last week and hope my grandson likes it. Will try to get a photo on my next blog.

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