Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knitting Museum, The Knitter, the Textile Museum of Canada

Marsha White, who stocks a wide variety of knitting books on her site,, has started a virtual museum, called Knitting Museum, Be sure to have a look at both sites--they are well worth your time. In addition to offering prompt, pleasant service, Marsha has a large inventory of textile-related books--I always look at the knitting--including ones about Japanese knitting.  

When I was in Dublin earlier this month, I bought a copy of The Knitter, issue 68. As soon as I was back home, I went to my local magazine store and was delighted to find a copy of the magazine there. Thinking it was most likely the previous issue, I bought it. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I'd bought the same issue--so much for short-term memory or I prefer to think it was a case of jet lag! However, the second copy has gone to the good home of a friend and talented knitter. This particular issue had an article about Ravelry--entitled "Get the Most Out of Ravelry", a subject which I really need to study. There are also several patterns which I'd love to knit--where to get the time or more likely to be better organized!

The Knitter Issue 68

I know I've mentioned the Textile Museum of Canada before,
Even when I lived several thousand miles away from its physical base in Toronto, I continued to support it with a membership. Now that I live in Ottawa, I try to visit whenever I'm able. The museum is sponsoring a program called "Conscious Consumption Series in late March and April. Fortunately, I'll be in Toronto during the last week of March and have signed up for two of the outings.

Also received Beth Brown Reinsel's newsletter,

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