Thursday, January 16, 2014

Selvedge, Up Helly Aa, Kaffe Fasset and the Rideau Canal

Another newsletter from the high quality British magazine, Selvedge. As usual, it's full of a number of exhibitions and textile-related activities. Makes one/me wish I had nothing to do but travel.

Also, an email from Hazel Tindall of Shetland. She was reminding people of the upcoming Up Helly Aa, always held on the last Tuesday of January. Apparently this is quite the show!

Several months ago I took a workshop led by Brandon Mably and in the evening, there was a slide show and talk by Kaffe Fassett. At the time, I wondered how they could accomplish so much: with the travelling yet the prodigious output, at the same time continuing to be so creative. I requested Kaffe's autobiography, Dreaming in Color from the library and last week my turn came to read it. It was a detailed depiction of his childhood, family and artistic adventures, from painting, mosaics, needlepoint, knitting and quilting.

Kaffe must have kept a daybook from a young age, or else had an extremely talented ghost writer--the book starts from his childhood in California and the last entries appear to be from late 2011. The names of people he's worked with and of those who've 'crossed his path' are many and the book is full of beautiful photographs. Even though he has assistance with many of his projects, especially large murals, I marvel at what he produces. As an extreme contrast, I think of how long it takes me to knit a pair of socks!


In today's Globe & Mail newspaper there is an article from the Wall Street Journal about macrame. Apparently this craft has re-gained popularity--not the former owl wall hangings from the seventies, but larger pieces such as headboards, room dividers and window coverings.

After my previous enthusiasm for skating on the Rideau Canal last week, the weather changed and the Canal was closed due to unseasonal high temperatures and rain. I was driving along the Canal this morning before 0900 and was very pleased to see many people out skating already. Hope it stays cold enough to continue.

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