Friday, March 1, 2013

Travel far and wide

I regularly receive a Government of Canada travel advisory. As would be expected, it's written with a Canadian perspective, i.e. wait times at security for Canadian airports and at border crossings for travel by car.

I recommend the site as it offers general information re travel. (Something I immediately looked up was to see if knitting needles are now officially accepted in the plane cabins--they are!) I think it is a worthwhile site: and being Canadian, it is offered in both official languages. I also find it useful as it contains advisories for potentially dangerous countries or areas to avoid.

Another message which appeared in today's inbox was the Visitor Newsletter from Shetland.This site is authored by Abby and is subtitled Postcards from Shetland. As in the past, I wasn't disappointed in the contents: a pot pourri of events, sites, a festival, a contest and interesting people (a travelling bookbinder, an ecologist and of course a knitter and a weaver). Don't miss the last item about a 'dancing' Shetland pony--it's sure to put a smile on your face.

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