Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knitting and reading about knitting

I'm coming along knitting the knee socks for one of my granddaughters. It's been a somewhat creative process for me, as I usually follow a pattern to the letter, and I've taken some artisitic licence with this one. As is obvious, I still have to complete the second sock and work in the ends. Hope she likes the finished product.

I was pleased to see that the weekend edition of the Ottawa Citizen featured an article with addresses of yarn shops in Ottawa and area. The preamble mentioned that knitting was no longer strictly the interest of grandmothers, plus commented on the great increase in participation of all ages. (It must have been written by a man--many knitters have been enthusiastic about the craft for a long time!)

I also bought the current issue of one of my two favourite magazines, The Knitter, and while I didn't care for many of the designs in this particular issue, I liked the articles. Good to see there was a design by Albertan, Barbara Brown (which I liked).

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