Friday, March 1, 2013

St. David's Day - How could I forget!

Today is St. David's Day, to celebrate the national saint of Wales. In Welsh, it's Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant. (The Welsh language must be one of the most difficult to understand and to learn. I was happy to hear that its usage is growing and Welsh is taught in the schools.)
Whenever I'm in Wales, I love to hear the Welsh accent when they speak English--it's lilting and musical. Their official flower is the daffodil.

The Welsh official colours are red, white and green and I expect the flag with the red dragon will be flying throughout the principality. Although the dragon looks fierce, the people are warm and friendly, as travellers on our Welsh tour will experience.

The Welsh pride is well deserved for the quality of the food served throughout the country. Welsh cakes and cawl (a traditional stew) are among my favourites and the cawl will most likely contain leeks, another symbol.

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