Tuesday, September 18, 2012

North Ronaldsay sheep, Orkney

A friend told me that the Yarn Harlot had posted on her blog about the unique yarn from the North Ronaldsay sheep. (Thanks Heather)

On our Scottish Skeins & Skerries tours, a maximum of seven lucky people get to visit the tiny island of North Ronaldsay for the day. I say a maximum, as the Loganair plane is very small and only has room for eight people--hopefully seven of our tour members plus the pilot. I always plan one day when we're on Orkney so that a trip to North Ronaldsay is possible. www.joycejamestours.com

As you can understand, these seats are very hard to come by and as soon as booking is possible, I reserve as much space as I can. Sometimes it isn't possible to get seven seats, as this involves two flights for the same-day return excursion. On past tours, sometimes space is also taken up by local residents going to medical appointments in Kirkwall, and one year, a banker was making her monthly visit to the island.

I haven't yet been to North Ronaldsay--just haven't had the opportunity--but always look forward to our travellers' return and to hear about their day. They have always been full of enthusiasm about their visit: with meeting Jane Donnelly at the mill, seeing the flocks of sheep who live most of their lives on the rocky shore, and just experiencing this interesting area. The yarn is very soft--I'm told that's from the kelp which forms the bulk of their diet.

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