Sunday, September 2, 2012

More upcoming tour news

I recently learned that the date for the 2013 HebCelt Festival on Lewis has been moved to a different weekend, from when it had been held for the past number of years. (A number of months ago I'd made hotel reservations for the usual weekend and assumed the date wouldn't change.) Fortunately, I've been able to secure alternate reservations at a new property and I am looking forward to having next year's group stay there. Even if one doesn't attend the organized concerts, it's fun to be on Lewis during the festival, with musicians on the streets giving impromptu performances.

I've just become aware of a new emigrant website organized by Bill Lawson, who we visit at his geneaological centre on Harris. Have a look at the website--
(Kathy, thanks for telling me about this.) One thing I learned that Hebrideans who went to Virginia and the Carolinas were a more privileged group than those who moved to Canada and Australia.

In addition to the services it offers I enjoyed reading the articles and have signed up for the free newsletter. Our groups have visited the centre for a number of years. Bill and his wife Chris are both extremely interesting and welcoming, and members of our groups frequently have so many questions, that we take our lunch stop there.

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