Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More 'A La Carte'

I've learned a lot from a more thorough reading of the bulletins of the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers. Even though the membership is relatively small, they are a very committed and active group. Especially remarkable, as many members have to travel on ferries from outlying islands and drive considerable distances on single-track roads.

The Spring 2010 issue (January, February & March) had a detailed description of their joint meeting with the Needleworkers. There was a display of quilts, intricate cross-stitched pictures, knitting and crocheting (all made by members), plus workshops on Moebius knitting and Indian 'shisha' mirrors (a special technique of attaching small pieces of mirrors to fabric with a blanket stitch). As if these weren't enough projects for one day; after lunch Bess Jamieson demonstrated making felt beads and buttons. We don't accomplish anything nearly as much at any guild meetings and workshops I've attended.

In the same issue was a description of the fastest knitter competition at the world's biggest shopping centre in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about this event as it is written in the old Shetland dialect! The title is: "Takkin da Makkin tae Minneapolis". I could see that Hazel Tindall competed--many who've come on the Scottish Skeins tours will remember meeting Hazel at the Shetland Guild get together. Although she held the title as the world's fastest knitter for several years, I don't think she won this time. I'll try to get a translation.

Also in the bulletin is reference to an interesting website of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers: http://www.wsd.org.uk/. The links are numerous and varied. I enjoyed looking at the British Hand Knitting Association site. Weavers would probably be interested in National Hand-weave and Hand-spinning Week scheduled for 01 May/2011. It's called 'The Big Weave'.

An update on the progress of the Piecework Blanket: I've cast off the border stitches. Just left is to work in the ends and to line the blanket.

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Anonymous said...

I googled 'fastest knitter' and only found references to the 2008 competition, there didn't seem to be any more recent. While Hazel holds the title for the the fastest "3-minute" competition, someone else is still listed by Guinness as the fastest "1-minute" knitter. Should we insist for different classes of knitters, somewhat in the spirit of sprinting vs long-distance???
Also, have you noticed that the current temperature in Lerwick seems stuck at 14C? Seems cool to me at the moment.