Wednesday, April 17, 2013

International Textile Festival and Orvus Paste

I've just received an update of the International Textile Festival, which is being held on Shetland from 31 July to 05 August, 2013. I like the focus on the Nordic connections, especially with knitting.

Yesterday, I went on a short errand to a town near Ottawa to buy Orvus Paste. For those who aren't familiar with the product, it is primarily used for shampooing farm animals--especially show horses. The only place where I know to buy it is at a farm supply store,.  However, it is also excellent for use on vintage linens and I plan to take some to Wales next week as a gift for Jen Jones. She uses it to remove stains from her antique quilts. I also keep some on hand to take out stains in regular washes. It isn't necessary to use very much at any one time.The only size which I've found is large--it comes in a plastic container which weighs 7.5 pounds. By the time I give a lot away to friends and family, I never have too much on hand.

Several years ago I approached a Canadian company which has stores across Canada to see if they would carry Orvus Paste. At that time, they weren't interested but I'm going to try again. That would save me (and others) from having to go to a rural farm supply store to locate some. By the way, it is made in the U.S.

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