Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kate Davies

I'm excited to announce that Kate Davies will meet with those who are coming on the Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour next July. She will give us a presentation on the Saturday afternoon in Glasgow and will join us for dinner at the hotel. She also indicated she will be happy to answer questions. 

To continue with my Wool Week activities: another of the many highlights was the opportunity to take a workshop from Kate. I have followed her blogs and admired her designs for months--don't know how she manages to accomplish so much! Kate is both an excellent speaker, organized and very giving of her expertise. The workshop I took was entitled taking a design from concept to finished article and how to sell it on Ravelry. 

There was/is no way I would ever be able design anything but I really enjoyed listening to how an expert does it. Kate's presentation was very informative and centered on the design of a historical cap worn by fishermen. She has the finished product on Ravelry--it is called a Sixareen Kep. This photo shows Kate taking a picture of a photogenic  classmate wearing the kep/hat/toque (to Canadians).    

Have a look at Kate's site on Ravelry. There are a number of excellent photos of the design and details to purchase the instructions.  
patterns>Kate Davies Designs>Sixareen Kep

(P.S. A sixareen is a Norse name and was a specific model of a fishing boat, rowed by six men, each with a single oar. They rowed out to the fishing grounds as far as thirty miles from land--all in an open boat.)


Wendy said...

I'm jealous! Might need to do this trip again next year!! hugs

Wendy said...

I'm jealous! Might need to do this trip again next year!! hugs

Galerie McKenzie Marcotte said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it! Also I'm anxious to see the book on Shetland lace.