Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interesting newsletters

No doubt I spend way too much time on the internet--but on the other hand, the benefits can be many and allow me to learn more than I would have any other way. Here are some newsletters and sites which I've enjoyed and found helpful:

1.  Twist Collective: I read through the whole newsletter in detail and really enjoyed the contents. The answers to knitting queries were helpful and there was a wide variety of patterns and articles. Have a look---

2.  A map of British craftspeople in the Heritage Crafts of the U.K.: Saying that, a glaring omission is the fact that there are no craftspeople listed on Shetland, which I know not to be true! (I'm going to see what I can do to have this corrected.)

3.  Craft and Music on Isle of Yell: Andy Ross who lives on Yell writes I find the site interesting but a reservation is the format, which can be difficult to read.

In my previous post, I should have elaborated on the photos of the knitting. The Fair Isle jumper (sweater) on the woolly board was outside the Bod of Gremista in Lerwick, home of the Shetland Guild; the beautiful example of Shetland Lace was one of the winners in a contest the Guild had. I should have made a note of the creators of these examples of knitting skill--they would be members of the Guild. (A woolly board is an adjustable device used to block and dry sweaters.)


Hazel Tindall said...

Delighted to see the photo of the jumper on the board. It's one of mine (I call it Henry's Tartan).

Hazel Tindall said...

Good to see the photo of the jumper on the board. I don't remember it being there but it looks like the jumper I call "Henry's Tartan".