Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's finished!

I've finished the Piecework Blanket! (Feel that it's been such a project that it deserves to be capitalized.) I've taken a photo, but (again) have had trouble putting it on my blog, so will do that in future.

There are a total of 70 mitred squares, plus a knitted moss stitch border. This is the second blanket of this design which I've completed, and initially was drawn to it as I was hoping to cut down on 'stash', plus have a project which I could work on intermittently. (The only new yarn I incorporated was from a previous purchase, which I realized I wouldn't use for anything else.) It's amazing, as in spite of all the yarn which was used, I still have a basket of more to be knit. While I was knitting, it brought back memories of projects for which the yarns were initially purchased.

I subscribe to way too many magazines, but one which I welcome and immediately read from cover to cover is the British Country Living. In the May issue there is an article and beautiful photos about Snowdonia--hard to believe that we'll be there in a couple of weeks. on our Wales tour.

Also, I always enjoy the internet newsletter, Knitter's Review. The author, Clara Parkes never disappoints me with her analyses of new yarns, fibre farms and knitting events. In fact, if I lived closer, I would have gone to the event in Minnesota this weekend.

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