Sunday, March 20, 2011


The problems with my website: have been corrected and all is well.

This evening I watched a documentary about Donald Trump and his efforts to take over a large part of the sea front in Aberdeenshire for a golf course, mega housing/recreational/tourist accommodation development. Initially there was significant opposition to the project from the local landowners and council, however that dwindled to the point where only two landowners held out. At first it was described as a David & Goliath battle, but in this case, Goliath won out. Very disappointing! Initially it reminded me of the movie which I saw many years ago, Local Hero, but alas, a different outcome.

One thing I learned and didn't know before was that Donald Trump's mother was from the Isle of Lewis. At least I saw some views of Stornoway and Luskentyre Beach.

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