Monday, November 22, 2010

I've been away

I've just returned from a terrific visit to Vancouver Island. I spent most of my time in Victoria and also had a great visit to nearby Salt Spring Island. The whole time was made special by the visits I had with friends from previous tours--thanks Kym, Sally and Betty. It doesn't get much better to travel, visit and knit with congenial, interesting people. In the past, I'd only been to Victoria for less than a day. This time I had the opportunity to walk, visit yarn shops, a museum and enjoy the ambiance of this picturesque, interesting city.

I should have taken many photos but the only ones I have were of a persistent bird which kept pecking at my window. Initially, I wondered what the noise was as it came from the opposite side of the hotel room from the door. It was as though he/she was used to getting food from a previous occupant of the room. I took some close-up photos but that wasn't even a deterrent. The bill was large and hooked--finally I closed the curtains as I was starting to worry that the way things were going, there would be a broken window!

The November issue of the British magazine, Country Living has a lead article called "The wonder of wool". I appreciated the effort to promote the plight of sheep farmers and the wool industry, but was disappointed that they didn't go farther. For instance Scotland and Wales received very little mention and I felt the article focused disproportionately on Yorkshire. However, saying that, it's a great magazine and one from which I get a lot of ideas for our tour itineraries.

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