Thursday, August 12, 2010


Earlier this week I took four grandchildren by train from Ottawa to Toronto, where they were meeting family and then going on to spend a week at a cottage on Lake Huron. I intended to return to Ottawa later in the day. That left me with a few hours to fill in before the return trip. To pass the time, my plan was to read while sitting on a comfortable couch in the lobby of the Royal York Hotel, located just across the street from the train station. Fortunately, while walking through the lobby, I noticed a sign about Sunday afternoon tea in the Library Bar. I spent a very pleasant time enjoying the music of a solo performer, the delicious food and the general civilized ambience.

While I was there, I learned about a tour of the hotel roof to see the garden and beehives. Thus, a small group of us were escorted by two young chefs, who explained in detail what was growing in the numerous raised beds and talked about the beehives and the resident bees. It was interesting to learn about the variety of plants and the honey produced for use in the special dishes served in the hotel restaurants. The enthusiasm of the chefs was fun to hear, and a treat to see the city from that elevated vantage point. I did take a number of photos and will post them on my blog in a few days.

I've completed most of the arrangements for the Italian tour and the complete tour package will be sent out in two weeks. Then I can concentrate on the planning of next year's tours to Scotland and Wales. (Still waiting to hear from Flybe about the domestic Scottish flights.) However, as soon as I have a few more details, Garth (my 'website guy') will be updating my website and announcing when registrations will be accepted.

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Anonymous said...

What you left out of this serendipitous account is that you were actually looking for somewhere to have a drink to settle your tattered nerves after aforesaid train trip, but somehow ended up following a sign for afternoon tea. Funny how shepherding 4 children for five hours can be exponentially more wearing than 20 adults for 11 nights and 12 days...