Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's finished!

I've finally sewn the flannellette lining to the back of the Piecework Blanket. I hope the two layers won't make the finished product too hot. I'll get a report once the recipients (my daughter and her family) use it.
Ten years ago I assembled the squares I'd knit for the master knitter designation into a blanket. (I won't admit when it was that I'd started the project.) It was way too large, so I cut it in half--it will be much more manageable this way. I don't know how to crochet and just sewed the 48 blocks together with an overhand stitch. I found the sewing tedious and remember thinking at the time I was originally assembling the squares that I would rather have been knitting.

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Anonymous said...

I can report that the Piecework Blanket has quickly become a well-loved and well-used item in our family. Cyrus loves to have it on his bed. And no, Mom, it is not 'too hot'. No such thing.