Monday, June 14, 2010

Piecework Blanket

This isn't a very good photo--I'm still on a rather steep learning curve and need to learn how to crop--but I wanted to show my current WIP. The whole project is somewhat addictive and it's fun to see my collection of leftover yarns put to a good use. It's also a good 'put down, pick up' endeavour. In addition to using up the remainder of various projects, I've started using some whole balls which I realize I probably won't knit up otherwise.

The pattern called for a total of 35 squares, however I wanted this as a lap rug which wouldn't be skimpy. At this point, I'm planning to knit 72 squares. Once I've completed the knitting and worked in the ends, I plan to back it with flannelette.

Shetland Hamefarin started today. They are making a special commemorative quilt which will be revealed later this month.

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