Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lots of news........

Today I experienced my first earthquake! On the Richter Scale it wasn't that great, but I now have a very slight understanding of the terrors which people experience in earthquake-prone areas. The movement was sudden and unexpected: the whole apartment building noticeably shook and there was a large noise--rather like a plane or a freight train close by. I have to admit I was scared. Within a few seconds--it seemed longer--everything settled down. It wasn't long after that people were emailing the radio station with amusing situations they found themselves in during the incident, and the TV with shots of people standing in Ottawa streets after leaving highrise buildings. That would be scary.

The summer 2010 issue of Slip Knot arrived in my mail today. It is the journal of the Knitting & Crochet Guild of the U.K. In my opinion, it has improved a lot since I received my first issue --it's much longer and full of interesting articles and useful contact information. The website for the Guild is: I urge you to consider joining the Guild. The executive is working very hard to make it a success and to encourage more interest and participation in the textile arts. This would be a worthwhile purchase for both individuals and guild libraries. It was simple to take out a membership, as I just phoned and gave my Visa number. For simplicity, I took out a three-year subscription. The membership application can be downloaded from their site.

Anyone who reads my website: will notice that I have had to regretfully postpone the trip to Vancouver Island. However I plan to offer it in 2011, probably in August. The itinerary is still on my website and if you think you'd like to join us next year, please let me know,

More travel for 2011: the popular 'Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour' in July. This tour was first held in 1996 and has been repeated many times since then; and another tour to Wales in May. I'm still working on the details and waiting for fares--as soon as they're available, the information will be on my website. Contact me to make sure you're on my emailing list.

As an update to my Piecework Blanket project: I just have 18 more squares to knit. (That is, as long as I don't decide to make it larger than 72 squares.)

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Anonymous said...

Do you really think it is fair to have a trip to Shetland and oe to Wales during the same year?????