Sunday, August 23, 2009

A yarn shop in Edinburgh

A number of travellers on our Scottish trip (naturally) found their way to a lovely little yarn shop in Edinburgh--in fact, while we were there, several other fellow travellers came in at the same time. We walked from our hotel--an easy downhill route which passed below the walls of Edinburgh Castle. The shop is K1Yarns and is located in the Grassmarket area, just off Victoria Street. The address is: 89 West Bow and their website is: I bought a 100 gm. skein of lace weight yarn in a beautiful lilac colour. The yarn came from Wales.

The shop had a small, but interesting selection of yarns, books and buttons, and I came across several brands from mills which I hadn't known of before. One thing which especially impressed me was that the shop used attractive bags of recycled newsprint from India for purchases. Not only did they have the purpose of helping the poor, but they were also sturdy. You can learn more about the project at the site:

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