Friday, August 7, 2009

Only three places left!

For anyone who has been thinking about coming on the first Maritime Memories Tour, don't delay as there are only three places left.

It has been my personal experience (and that of the travel industry in general) that people are delaying finalizing their travel plans until close to the time of departure--however, don't leave it too late to make your decision. Due to the special places we visit and the talented local people we meet, the size of the group will not be expanded. This unique itinerary won't be repeated next year, as I have other destinations in mind.

You can read about the details and highlights of this trip on my website: then click on Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island at the top. Please contact me with any questions you have and if you wish to register. My telephone number is: 613-695-0889 and email:

Don't miss out!

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