Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wool Week on Shetland is scheduled for October 06 to12, 2014. I had such a good time when I last attended, that I'm going to do my utmost to go again. Even though I've been to Shetland many times, I always enjoy myself immensely. Just to be sure that I have a place to stay, I'm going to make my hotel reservations today.

I also received the most recent newsletter from Selvedge

This is photo of the socks which I knit for my granddaughter, Margaret. They are in two of her favourite colours.

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Margaret said...

Joyce, I'm drooling! I turn 65 in 2017 and hope you will still be doing your 'Skeins and Skerries' tour then because I am saving up to take it as my birthday celebration. To go to Shetland is a long-time dream...