Sunday, March 4, 2012

News from Shetland

Earlier this week I received the latest newsletter of the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. I always look forward to reading about friends who've I've met on trips to Shetland and always learn more about textiles, mostly knitting.

In the current issue there was a reference to a publication called The Journal, which appears to focus on weaving, spinning and dyeing, but would appeal to anyone interested in textiles. Their website is: and it looks like an interesting publication.

I also learned a new word--'dags'. They are mittens or gloves which were meant for outside or messy jobs. The design and yarn used allowed for adaptations--i.e. "the thumbs were inset to fit either hand, so there was plenty of wear in them!"

In following up to learn more about the next "In the Loop 2012" event for September 5 to 7th in Winchester, I came across an interesting blog:

I would love to attend, but am looking forward to Wool Week on Shetland this October. Details to follow once they are available--expected in April.

I hadn't read Kate Davies's blog for awhile, but whenever I do, am constantly amazed at what she accomplishes! The latest includes a lengthy interview with Jean Moss, plus recipes, stunning photographs and designs, and even Shetland news.

More about the Shetland Guild in the next blog.

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Hi Joyce!

Wales? 2013? looking forward to hearing more!!