Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travel, Shetland & Weaving

I was a retail travel agent for years before concentrating on knitting tours. However, anything related with travel in general still attracts my attention, and I receive many travel-related newsletters every week. I found the following potentially helpful, especially during the winter months, when extreme weather conditions can interrupt our travel plans.
Not wishing to go on too much about my interest and love for Shetland (which I feel certain a lot of people share)--I get this newsletter on a regular basis: There are a number of references to a wide variety of weaving--i.e. see the Penelope connection. I'm not a spinner or weaver but am very interested in any thing connected with textiles. There was much to read on this site--even an announcement for a weaver-in-residence post, which may be of interest to the weavers in our group :
Also don't miss the textiles blog by Deborah Gray. She doesn't just write about Scottish events but also her time at seminars in Italy.
Elizabeth Johnston is recognized as a master spinner and weaver. (She spoke to our group during a previous 'Scottish Skeins Tour' and she brought many examples of old Shetland knitting.) Elizabeth has demonstrated on the loom at the archaeological dig at Scatness Broch near the airport on Shetland, and she wove the costumes for the guides there. (Depending on when you came on a 'Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour', you may have met her.) Today I came across her blog and was interested to see her connection with Norway. Very timely for 2012.

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