Friday, December 30, 2011

More This & That

I came across an interesting item about a group of Danish seniors who get together to knit and visit. The article was entitled: "Knitted by nanas: the octogenarians behind Denmark's fashion designers." They call themselves the Kaffesblabberas and their knitting is in high demand. There is a video of them knitting and an interview of one of the knitters. Denmark is high on my list as a travel destination and I know one of the first places I'll visit in Copenhagen.

I always find the Tales from the Trail newsletter from Rabbies tours to be good reading and their latest submission didn't disappoint. Have a look at a lovingly restored Model T Ford. What caught my attention was the upholstery which was covered in Harris tweed.
As with many of you, I receive notice of the monthly offers from Even though I haven't yet ordered from them (although have been seriously tempted, but then remember my large 'stash'), the company enjoys an excellent reputation for value and service. I took the time to have a thorough look at their website and was amazed at how comprehensive it is, with a long list of archived yarns and many free patterns.
For anyone who is interested, the hole in my shin is noticeably smaller; from originally approximating three stacked Toonies, now to one single Loonie. (Canadians will know what this means.) It's been 17 weeks since my mishap and I've been faithfully going to the clinic several times a week--have now graduated to visits just every third day.

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Wendy said...

Joyce,You will want to watch "Out of Africa" again and go to Karen Blixen's home which is close to Copenhagen. Also, be sure to venture out in to the countryside. Denmark is fabulous. I'm still waiting to hear whether you will do any other tours...Wales again?? hugs