Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm back!

I’m back!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted to my blog. I know it’s frustrating to keep checking again (and again) to see if it has been updated.

Last month I had a good phone chat with Dr. Carol Christiansen, textile curator of the Shetland Museum and got caught up with some of the doings which have taken place on Shetland since we were there in July.

Carol told me that someone had purchased an old Fair Isle cap on Ebay, an event which has been
causing a lot of interest. Have a look at the article which appeared in the
Shetland Times:

The Tall Ships race took place later in the summer. One of the highlights was an
auction of traditional Fair Isle hats—of course knitted:

Two friends, coincidentally from different areas in Canada, told me about a website of a very
talented Scottish knitter, Kate Davies from Edinburgh. (Thanks to Maureen from
Wakefield, QB and Karen from Vancouver Island.) Have a look at Kate’s blog and
website. I don’t know how she manages to design and complete so much. (I see there is even a photo of Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith on her site.)

Speaking of J.& S. (known in Shetland as the Wool Brokers): held a Wool Week
this past October. I wasn't able to attend that event, but just looking at their site made me eager to return to that special area for another visit:

Lots more news to follow in another post. It won’t be as long between posts next


Wendy said...

OK so the real question is...any more trips?? thanks!


Joyce James said...

I will be escorting a tour to Norway, with a cruise on the fjords in June, 2012. I've done this trip before and know how to find some great shops and the scenery can't be surpassed. There will be lots of time for knitting! Details will be on my blog and website very shortly.